Advantages of Google Forms to Create Online Surveys


There are many web polling services today, allowing you to create online surveys at zero cost. You don't want to choose just any because, while they're all free, they can vary widely in many ways, such as in features, usability, and so on.

However, if you've heard that Google forms are rather popular, you will find that there are pretty solid reasons behind it. Here are the most important advantages of using Google forms for your online surveys:

> There is no limit to the number of participants in your online survey.

> You are automatically notified through email each time somebody fills in your form.

> Wufoo form are mobile-friendly, so people are more likely to participate in your survey because it will be easy for them to do so with their cell phones.

> You can design your questions in a variety of ways, such as grid and scale, which are not commonly available in other free web polling services.

> All responses automatically go to an Excel spreadsheet, enabling you to analyze large volumes of data with all the usual spreadsheet functions.

> You can pre-fill the fields in your Google form using URL parameters, which is perfect if you want to add default choices or intend to sync your form with another system, such as your website's comments section. If someone about to fill in your form has dropped a comment in your website, they don't have to provide their data all over again when using your forms.

> Google forms are compatible with different functions, like ImportHTML, ImportXML, etc. That means you will be able to perform more complex processing with the responses you get. Google forms now also work with Google Scripts, which are basically the Visual Basic of Excel.
> If your organization is using Google apps, Google forms will be perfect for conducting internal surveys because the email addresses of the intended participants - your employees - would have been pre-recorded in the system. 

> Of all the free polling forms you can use today, only Google forms use logic branching, which allows you to put in questions based on the user's past responses. Let's say you want to know if your site visitors have upgraded to the latest operating system yet. Obviously, what may be logical questions for Windows users may be illogical for Mac users and vice-versa. So you can make two sets of questions for each group and lead each participant to the right set, depending on their OS. Know how to create a google form!